Isn't it absolutely amazing that 365 days after you give birth, the delicate little nugget you so gingerly held becomes a rambunctious little explorer that has a knack for putting everything they see into their little mouths? You will not see your child go through the changes like they do in their first year. Tummy-time, sitting, crawling, standing and walking potentially happen all in the first 12 months! And as your tiny little newborn starts to fill out, you will want to see those chunky little feet captured, along with their gleeful smiles, and their adorable inquisitive little faces as they experience new textures and tastes. My milestone sessions are a perfect way to capture these moments that are so fleeting. 

This session is one hour long, and includes family portraits as well. I normally suggest capturing your little one at their 7th month and 12th month, but I do want to remind you that we are capturing stages not necessarily ages, so we may need to go along the timeline of your child's own development. The 12 month session also includes the popular Cake Smash, which is always a delight to witness! Click here to inquire further about these sessions and their pricing! 

red deer baby milestone photographer